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Private Lesson Packages - All Lessons are minimum 1 hour

Single  $75.00
Series of 3 Lessons $210.00
Series of 5 Lessons $350.00

Playing Lessons - 1 1/2 hours in length

The Playing Lesson will take place on the golf course after a brief warm up session on the Driving Range.  Various scenarios will be covered on the golf course consisting of the following:

-Course Management
-Uneven Lies
-Relief Situations

Cost: $125.00

Semi-Private Lesson - One Hour in Length

Single $75.00
Series of 3 $210.00
Series of 5 $350.00

*** Single - $37.50 / person      Series of 3 - $105 / person      Series of 5 - $175.00 / person ***

Junior Lessons

Please refer to our Junior League for further information on the Junior lessons.

Summer Camp Schedule will be released in the Spring

Juniors (Age 13-18) $50.00
Juniors (Age 12 and under) $40.00

Click here to learn about our junior league

All lessons are provided by PGA of Canada Instructors

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Instructors Bio

Click here for the Director of Golf and Head Professional